Practice Guides

Practical guides in which you can learn, step by step and in a didactic way, how to apply all the concepts, tools and methods that will help you improve the competitiveness, efficiency and profitability of your company or legal services business.

Kanban for Lawyers

The first step in implementing a legal services management system is to introduce a process-oriented work culture. The problem is that this usually involves a substantial alteration of work habits, costly investments and long payback periods for the effort invested, without the results being guaranteed.

Kanban is a tool for monitoring and continuous improvement of processes that, for decades, has been successfully used in various production and service delivery sectors. In this book you will learn how to introduce it progressively into your daily legal practice, from managing your personal tasks to those of an entire law firm, with dozens of lawyers and assistants.

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Scrum for Lawyers

Often the work of a lawyer requires complex planning, the follow-up of various tasks over several weeks or months and the coordination of numerous human resources and lawyers specialized in different areas or phases of the judicial process.

Scrum for Lawyers develops an innovative project management method, specifically designed for the needs of the legal world, called Legal Scrum. It organizes the work in a continuous flow of task resolution, with techniques and tools that allow for a detailed follow-up of the incidents, as well as for dealing with the uncertainty that surrounds the lawyer’s work. All this incorporating the principles of continuous improvement and quality management, which will allow you to distinguish your legal services company from the competition.

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Trello for Lawyers

Trello is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, available through web browsers and specific applications for iOS and Android, making it a universal task management application. The most interesting thing is that Trello works through Kanban dashboards, a tool for monitoring and continuous improvement of processes perfectly suited to the work of a law firm, presented in detail in the guide “Kanban for Lawyers“.

Trello allows you to implement an electronic system for monitoring tasks and projects without the need to invest in infrastructure, servers, software licenses or specialized personnel. In this guide you will learn, step by step and with practical examples, how to apply the concepts of Kanban for Lawyers in your office with Trello, without initial costs and with examples extracted from daily legal practice.

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