LegalScrum™ Version History

The following chronological list lists the successive versions of LegalScrum™ and the most significant new features in each of them.

2017 v0.1 – First consolidated version of the file continuous management cycle.
2019 v0.2 – First consolidated release of the case iterative management cycle.
2020 – Release of Kanban for Lawyers.
2020 v0.3 – First consolidated version of the quality and competency model.
2020 – Kanban for Lawyers reaches the first place of the best-selling books in the Law category on Amazon USA.
2022 – Publication of LegalScrum, Part 1: Legal Project Management.
2022 v0.4 – First consolidated version of the technology support model.
2023 v0.5 – First consolidated version of the team member competencies.
2023 v1.0 – Unification of the individual models in the joint framework.
2024 v1.1 – Continuous and iterative models remain distinct, managed by the Service Manager.
2024 v1.2 – Publication of the accreditation scheme for the Team Member profile.

Note: A “consolidated release” is not a sudden new development, but represents the point at which a set of practices has passed the period of design, testing and implementation in several real services and has demonstrated its effectiveness and functionality. This process normally takes about 5 to 6 years. If you want to know more details about the process of building LegalScrum, see our design process.