LCTM LegalScrum™ Certified Team Member (EN)

The LCTM (LegalScrum™ Certified Team Member) certification is the first step in the training of anyone participating in a LegalScrum team. It provides an overview of work methodology, team structure, and basic communication and organizational tools, allowing for quick onboarding of staff effectively.

What does the LCTM certification provide?

LegalScrum is based on a number of principles, such as process-oriented work, collective knowledge management or continuous improvement. Many of these concepts are unfamiliar or unseen in law schools, so it is important that anyone joining a legal team with LegalScrum is familiar with them.

The initial training of teams and the subsequent incorporation of new professionals, benefits from a series of common elements related to time organization, annotation and follow-up of work or relationship with clients. LegalScrum provides a common framework so that everyone who joins the legal team can do so in a minimum time, by sharing a vocabulary, practices and a way of working among all, so that there is no learning time. Once certified, integration is immediate and productivity and efficiency increase considerably.

What are the advantages of LCTM certification?

Certification has advantages for both parties.

For the new member:

  • Reduces conflicts due to culture shock and change in work habits.
  • It facilitates the incorporation into the legal service culture.
  • It helps to feel in a familiar environment from the beginning.
  • Improves communication with new colleagues by sharing principles, practices and definitions.
  • Allows for quick orientation in the work environment, reducing initial doubts.
  • Makes the experience of hiring or changing departments a positive one.
  • Increases your market value by being a more efficient professional.

For the legal service:

  • Simplifies the personnel selection process.
  • Reduces training costs.
  • It shortens incorporation and integration times.
  • It speeds up the processes of expansion, substitution or staff rotation.
  • Achieves greater efficiency much sooner.
  • Reduces stress levels in the work environment, providing a safe crisis response mechanism.
  • Who is LCTM certification for?

LCTM is an entry-level certification intended for anyone who wants to work in legal services in an agile and efficient manner. This includes both independent professionals who want to better organize themselves, as well as large law firms with tens or hundreds of lawyers and associates, who want to coordinate daily activity.

Everyone who participates in a LegalScrum team has to pass the LCTM certification, both the technical-legal staff and the service managers. This certification provides both groups with the fundamental framework for communication, time management, task management, follow-up and quality, making it essential for daily work.

What are the requirements for LCTM certification?

The LCTM certification has no academic or experience requirements. It is a certification of knowledge, which is demonstrated by passing the certification process; that is, studying the contents included in the syllabus and passing the online exam.

It is not necessary to pay or pass any course to obtain the certification. Unlike other frameworks that focus on the marketing of high-cost courses, after which “certifications” are obtained almost automatically, LegalScrum is an open framework that does not seek the economic exploitation of candidates, but the dissemination and expansion of good practices for the management of legal services.

How do I prepare for the LCTM certification exam?

There are three ways to prepare for the certification:

  • By reading the books individually.
  • By attending the online courses.
  • Attending the courses in person.

The first option consists of the canon of knowledge defined by LegalScrum, collected in two publications:

  • LegalScrum Fundamentals.
  • Kanban for Lawyers.

Both publications are available in e-book and printed book format, which you can purchase at any time through various platforms, bookstores and applications, such as Amazon, Apple Books, Google Books, Nook or Kobo.

The second form, self-pace interactive courses, are video courses available on our distance learning platform. You can enroll at any time and take them at your own pace. These courses have quizzes and partial tests that allow you to assess your level of achievement and preparation to see if you are ready to pass the certification test.

The third form, face-to-face courses, are live courses held at LegalScrum authorized centers or organized directly by us. They have the same content as the video courses, with the difference that you can consult live your doubts with the trainer, thus providing the best possible training experience.

Video and classroom courses have complementary advantages and disadvantages:

  • Video courses can be taken at any time and from anywhere. They are inexpensive and do not require travel. On the other hand, the possibility of consulting with the tutor is limited to written communications and the course forum.
  • Face-to-face courses provide complete interactivity, and you can ask the tutor any questions you may have during your training. On the other hand, the courses are not continuous and will almost always involve travel.

What is the cost of the LCTM certification?

The only cost of the certification is the payment of the exam fees, which for the current version is 230.00 € in Europe and $245.00 in America and the rest of the world.

Again, to pass the certification it is NOT necessary or mandatory to take the courses. It is possible to study and pass the certification only with the books, solving the doubts with the articles and videos that we publish regularly. The courses facilitate the learning process by providing pace, order, content and resources, such as review quizzes, but they are not mandatory.