LegalScrum™ Certifications

LegalScrum™ is a legal services management framework, composed of models, roles, teams and practices. For such a framework to be effective, it is necessary that users share a series of common elements, such as vocabulary or definitions, to avoid doubts in its application.

LegalScrum certifications include the knowledge and recommendations for the application of all the elements, so that the holders of these certifications benefit from a guide that helps them to carry out their work and integrate into a team in an agile and efficient manner. LegalScrum incorporates elements of process management, quality, time organization, communications, requirements and risk management or traceability, all of which are necessary in the implementation of a quality and management system.

But none of this would be of any use if, in forming a legal team, each individual had his or her own interpretation or concept of how to apply these tools. In the same way that no one has his or her own concept of what is the difference between a diligence and a rule, no one can have doubts about how to prioritize the firm’s work or the taking of requirements in a complex case.

The certification process guarantees to both parties, the individual and the law firm or legal business, that they have a clear and correct understanding of these principles and how to apply them effectively to the practice of the legal profession. On the one hand, training resources (blog, videos, books, seminars and courses) allow you to learn these concepts in a clear, progressive and personalized way. On the other hand, examinations and evaluation processes accredit that such learning has been complete and adequate.

LegalScrum, in its current version, certifies individuals and not teams or firms. The current version is 1.2 with the following certifications:

  • LCTM LegalScrum™ LegalScrum™ Certified Team Member
  • LCSM LegalScrum™ Certified Service Manager
  • LCSD LegalScrum™ Certified Service Designer
  • LCMM LegalScrum™ Certified Business Manager
  • LCIM LegalScrum™ Certified Information Manager

These certifications will be published, with their respective manuals, courses and exams, between 2022 and 2026. Each exam will be preceded at least three months in advance by the publication of the associated training resources, so that candidates have time enough to prepare their candidacy.

If you want to know more details about each of the LegalScrum certifications, click on the links to access the page for each of them.